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Enhance writing with Smodin: Rewrite, check, translate.

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Top Features

Text Rewriter

The Text Rewriter tool is designed to enhance user engagement by offering advanced paraphrasing capabilities that preserve the original context while providing a fresh perspective. This facilitates users in generating unique content effortlessly and mitigating issues related to plagiarism. Additionally, its user-friendly interface and customizable rewriting levels make it adaptable to different writing styles and needs.

Plagiarism Checker

The Plagiarism Checker stands out with its robust algorithm that scans and compares text against a vast database of sources to ensure originality. It provides detailed reports highlighting potentially plagiarized sections and offers suggestions for improvement. This feature is invaluable for students and writers who aim to maintain academic integrity and originality in their work.

Auto Citation Machine

The Auto Citation Machine simplifies the often tedious task of creating citations by automatically generating references in multiple citation styles, including APA, MLA, and Chicago. This not only saves time but ensures accuracy in citation formatting, thus enhancing the quality and credibility of academic and professional writing. The ability to customize citation styles based on specific requirements further adds to its appeal.


Pros & Cons


Everyday applications including a text rewriter, plagiarism checker, auto citation machine, and multi-lingual translator cater to a wide range of user needs.
The text rewriter helps students and writers generate unique content effortlessly, saving time and enhancing creativity.
The plagiarism checker ensures the originality of work, which is crucial for academic and professional integrity.
The auto citation machine simplifies the often tedious process of creating citations, contributing to better-organized academic writing.
The multi-lingual translator makes the tool accessible to non-native speakers, promoting global user interaction and usability.
The large community of 10M+ users adds credibility and suggests high satisfaction rates among diverse groups.


The tool may require a stable internet connection, limiting its usability in areas with poor connectivity.
Some features might have limitations in free versions, potentially requiring paid subscriptions for complete access.
Results from the text rewriter may occasionally lack human-like quality, affecting the natural tone.
The multi-lingual translator could have accuracy limitations with complex texts, leading to potential misunderstandings.
Using auto citation might lead to formatting errors if not double-checked, impacting the final quality of academic papers.
Such limitations might frustrate users looking for flawless, all-inclusive solutions, affecting overall satisfaction.


Smodin is a versatile tool designed to enhance writing by offering a Text Rewriter, Plagiarism Checker, Auto Citation Machine, and multi-lingual translator. The Text Rewriter provides advanced paraphrasing to generate unique content while maintaining context, thereby reducing plagiarism concerns. The Plagiarism Checker employs a robust algorithm to compare text against extensive databases, ensuring originality and academic integrity. The Auto Citation Machine automates and simplifies citation creation in multiple styles, enhancing the quality and credibility of writings. Despite its comprehensive features, Smodin may require a stable internet connection and some features might be limited to paid versions, potentially hampering user experience in areas with poor connectivity and for those seeking free, all-inclusive solutions.

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