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At Toolio.ai, we understand the power of innovative solutions and the impact they can have on experiences. Elevate your tool's visibility and impact by joining Toolio. Benefit from a curated platform that not only recognizes excellence but actively promotes it. As you submit your tool to Toolio.ai, you gain exposure and become part of a dynamic community. Your tool doesn't just get noticedβ€”it becomes an integral part of the conversation.

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List my tool - 1 USD
Submit your tool to the database and get listed on the website for just $1. We'll review it and add it to the database if it fits our criteria. Book now

Update my tool info - Free of Charge
Contact us if you'd like to change the description, title, category, or featured image. Read this article on How To Update Your Tool Info.

Get Featured - 9.99 USD/mo
Highlight your organic listing to attract more clicks. Besides standing out from normal listings, highlighted listings lead directly to the destination site, increasing traffic. Read this article on How to Get Featured on Toolio.ai.

Promo on Newsletter

Newsletter Spotlight - 19 USD
Get the most prominent placement in our weekly newsletter! This placement is recommended for platforms, agencies, and other tech businesses seeking maximum exposure. This advertisement can include an image or GIF, 50-100 words, and 2 CTAs.

Newsletter Feature Tool - 29 USD
Have your tool featured in the "Tools of the Week" section. This advertisement is limited to 30 words and contains no images.

Custom Sponsorship - Contact us
We can include custom placements like courses, agencies, prompts, GPTs, deals, studies, etc. Send us a message to collaborate.

Guest Blog Posts

Guest Blog Post - 69 USD
Publish a guest post on our blog to reach a wider audience and establish your expertise. This includes a full-length article (up to 1000 words) with images, links, and a call to action. Share your insights, success stories, or industry trends with our engaged community.

How it Works

  1. Book a Promotion
    Select from our range of listing packages that suit your goals and budget. Fill out a simple form to provide the necessary details about your tool.
  2. Review and Payment Process
    Our team will review your submission to ensure it meets our quality standards and is valuable to our platform.
  3. Enjoy the Benefits
    Experience the immediate impact of increased visibility, credibility, and connections within the community.

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