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AI-powered tool for instant document translation.

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Top Features

Instant File Translation

Our ChatGPT-powered service stands out with its ability to instantly translate Excel, Word, and PDF documents. Users simply upload their files, and the AI performs a swift and accurate translation. This feature significantly enhances user engagement by eliminating long waiting times and providing immediate results for high-priority documents.

Multi-Format Support

Supporting Excel, Word, and PDF files, this tool caters to a wide range of professional and personal needs. Whether dealing with spreadsheets, text documents, or comprehensive reports, users benefit from a versatile solution that consolidates multiple formatting tasks into one effortless process.

Customization Options

With customizable translation settings, users can adjust the language and tone of the output to meet specific requirements. This ensures that the translated document maintains the intended context, style, and nuance, providing a tailored experience that sets the service apart from standard translation tools.


Pros & Cons


Translate Document file (Excel, Word, PDF) on our ChatGPT-powered service. Just upload and our AI will auto translate. Then download the translated file. Fast and accurate due to latest AI.

Meeting user needs for convenience, the tool offers automatic translation of popular document formats, which saves time compared to manually translating text. The speed of the AI ensures that users can get their translated documents quickly. The accuracy offered by the latest AI technology ensures reliability and quality, key concerns for users handling important documents.


Potential limitations could include issues with nuanced or context-specific translations that AI may struggle with, potentially impacting the quality of translation for complex documents. Additionally, no details on security measures are provided, which could be a concern for users dealing with sensitive information. Lastly, the reliance on AI may also mean less effectiveness in handling non-standard file formats or heavily formatted documents, which could lead to inconsistencies in the translated output.


Doc2Lang is an AI-powered tool designed for instant document translation, streamlining multilingual communication with top-tier accuracy. With its robust language database, Doc2Lang supports a wide range of languages and ensures seamless integration with various document formats. Its user-friendly interface and fast processing speeds make it ideal for both individual users and businesses. While it excels in accuracy and ease of use, it may be less effective in translating highly specialized or technical documents. Overall, Doc2Lang is a reliable solution for quick and efficient document translation needs.

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