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Create AI Chatbots, chat using your data.

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Top Features

Customization of AI Chatbots

MyChatbots.AI allows users to create chatbots tailored to their specific requirements, providing a highly personalized experience. Users can customize the types of interactions their chatbots can handle, making it suitable for various applications, from personal assistance to customer support.

Data-Driven Training

Users can upload and manage their own data to train AI chatbots, ensuring that the responses are context-aware and relevant. This feature supports a wide range of file formats, making it versatile for different needs. With the ability to utilize personal or business data, chatbots become a powerful tool for enhancing productivity and engagement.

Robust Messaging System

MyChatbots.AI offers a seamless communication interface for users to interact with their AI chatbots. The robust messaging system allows for smooth, real-time conversations, providing instant feedback based on the data and queries. This feature significantly enhances user engagement by ensuring efficient and effective communication.


Pros & Cons


MyChatbots.AI allows users to create AI Chatbots customized to their specific needs, ensuring highly personalized interactions, which can significantly enhance productivity and satisfaction for both personal and business use.
The ability to upload and manage various file formats to train the AI Chatbots makes the tool versatile, enabling users to utilize a wide range of data types to improve chatbot performance.
The platform supports seamless conversations, offering a robust messaging system that facilitates effective communication between users and AI Chatbots.
Instant feedback based on user data and queries is provided, making the tool responsive and useful for quickly addressing user needs.
MyChatbots.AI prioritizes data security, integrating deeply with the OpenAI Assistants V2 API, which ensures that user data is handled securely.


The initial setup and data upload process could be time-consuming, particularly for users with large datasets, which might deter those looking for immediate results.
Support for uploading files in specific text/MIME types can be limiting for users with data in unsupported formats, potentially necessitating data conversion.
Depending on the user's chosen plan, there are limitations on the number of AI Chatbots that can be created, which might restrict the tool's usefulness for businesses requiring extensive chatbot deployment.
Users without technical knowledge may find the customization and training process challenging, potentially requiring additional support or learning resources to fully leverage the tool's capabilities.


MyChatbots.AI is an advanced platform that enables users to create customized AI chatbots tailored to their specific needs, making it suitable for both personal and business applications. Users can train these chatbots using their own data, supporting various file formats for versatile applications, ensuring context-aware and relevant responses. The platform's robust messaging system facilitates smooth, real-time conversations, providing instant feedback and enhancing user engagement. While initial setup and data management can be time-consuming, MyChatbots.AI integrates with the OpenAI Assistants V2 API for secure data handling, making it a powerful tool for productivity and communication. However, technical challenges and limitations on the number of chatbots for certain plans may require additional resources or support for optimal use.

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