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Paperless Home

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Paperless Home simplifies home document management by turning clutter into digital files.

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Top Features

1. Seamless Document Management

Paperless-Home.com offers a highly intuitive platform for managing documents. Users can scan, upload, and organize their files effortlessly. The system supports various file formats including PDFs, Word documents, and images. This feature not only simplifies document handling but also enhances productivity by making documents easy to access and ready for review or editing at any time.

2. Advanced Search Capabilities

The advanced search functionality enables users to quickly find documents based on keywords, tags, or even content within the documents. This robust search mechanism uses AI technology to ensure relevant and accurate search results, dramatically reducing the time spent searching for documents and increasing overall efficiency.

3. Real-Time Collaboration Tools

With real-time collaboration features, multiple users can work on the same document simultaneously. This feature is ideal for teams, as it includes options for comments, edits, and updates in real time, which are immediately visible to all participants. It promotes teamwork and can significantly speed up project timelines.

4. High-Level Security and Data Protection

Security is a paramount feature of Paperless-Home.com, which offers end-to-end encryption for all uploaded documents. Additionally, the platform adheres to strict data protection regulations to ensure user data privacy and security. Users can control who views their documents, with customizable access settings that enhance file safety.

5. Customizable Document Workflows

The platform allows users to create custom workflows for document management. This means that processes such as approvals, reviews, and archiving can be automated according to specific business needs. Customizable workflows not only save time but also enforce consistency and compliance with company policies or legal requirements.


Discover the perfect plan for your document management needs with Paperless Home.

Free Plan

  • Price: €0/year
  • Includes: 200 MB of storage, 1 shared vCPU, and an upload limit of up to 8 MB.

Pro Plan

  • Price: €59/year
  • Includes: 2 GB of storage, 1 shared vCPU, and an upload limit of up to 32 MB.
  • Extras: Upload documents easily via FTP and WebDAV.

Power Plan

  • Price: €119/year
  • Includes: 20 GB of storage, 2 shared vCPUs, and an upload limit of up to 64 MB.
  • Extras: Enhanced with FTP and WebDAV for convenient document uploads.

Select the plan that suits you best and enjoy effortless, efficient document management with Paperless Home.

Pros & Cons


  • Seamless Document Management: Easily scan, upload, and organize various file formats, including PDFs, Word documents, and images.
  • Advanced Search Capabilities: AI-powered search makes finding documents quick and efficient using keywords, tags, or content within the documents.
  • Real-Time Collaboration: Allows multiple users to edit, comment, and update documents simultaneously, enhancing teamwork and speeding up project timelines.
  • High-Level Security: Offers end-to-end encryption and complies with strict data protection regulations, ensuring user data privacy and security with customizable access settings.
  • Customizable Workflows: Automate processes like approvals, reviews, and archiving to save time and ensure consistency and compliance with business needs.
  • Flexible Pricing Plans: Options range from a free basic plan to advanced plans with more storage and features, catering to various user needs.


  • Limited Storage on Free Plan: The free plan offers only 200 MB of storage, which may not be sufficient for users with larger document needs.
  • Upload Size Limits: The upload size is limited to 8 MB on the Free plan and 64 MB on the Power plan, which might be restrictive for larger files.
  • FTP and WebDAV Features: Available only in the Pro and Power plans, potentially limiting the document upload flexibility for users on the Free plan.


Paperless Home is an outstanding document management platform, offering seamless handling for various file formats like PDFs and Word documents.

Its AI-powered search feature is incredibly efficient, making document retrieval quick and easy. The real-time collaboration tools are a game-changer, allowing multiple users to work simultaneously, boosting teamwork and project speed.

With flexible pricing plans, from a free basic plan to more advanced options, Paperless Home caters to diverse needs, making it a fantastic choice for efficient document management.

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