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Boost global reach with automated video translation.

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Top Features

Automatically translate video & audio into 130+ languages

The platform's automatic translation feature supports over 130 languages, allowing users to expand their global reach like never before. This functionality is crucial for creators and businesses aiming to engage diverse audiences. The automated process eliminates the need for manual translations, significantly reducing time and costs. This feature is especially advantageous for educational content and marketing materials, enabling seamless and effective communication across cultures.

Turn your videos into viral shorts in seconds

One standout feature is the tool's ability to convert long videos into viral shorts in mere seconds. By leveraging AI, it automatically selects the best highlights from existing videos, creating engaging and shareable social media content. This capability is incredibly valuable for marketers and content creators, providing a quick way to maximize audience engagement without the labor-intensive process of manually editing videos. The result is more dynamic and attractive content that can go viral more easily.

Localize content at scale with Rask API

For users needing to translate large volumes of audio and video, the Rask API offers a robust solution. This feature allows users to automate the localization process, translating hours of content daily with ease. The API integration not only makes the process time- and cost-efficient but also ensures consistency and accuracy in translations. This is particularly beneficial for global businesses and educators who need to manage high volumes of content across multiple languages.


Pros & Cons


The tool provides accelerated audio and video production, which is beneficial for creators, educators, and businesses looking to produce content quickly and efficiently. This meets the user need for speed and efficiency in content creation.
Automatically translating video and audio into over 130 languages allows users to expand their global reach and create new revenue streams. This advantage caters to businesses and content creators aiming for international markets.
The feature of turning videos into viral shorts using AI highlights is perfect for social media content creation, meeting the growing demand for engaging, bite-sized content on various platforms.
The Rask API allows for scalable localization, enabling users to translate large volumes of audio and video effortlessly. This is highly advantageous for businesses with extensive content libraries needing consistent and efficient localization.


Automated translation might not always capture the nuances and cultural contexts of different languages, potentially impacting the quality of localized content and reducing user satisfaction.
Relying heavily on AI for content highlights and viral shorts might lead to a lack of human touch or creativity, which some users might find unsatisfactory for maintaining unique brand voices.
The need to integrate and manage the Rask API could be complex and technically challenging for users without a technical background, potentially limiting the tool's accessibility.
Users might face issues with voice and accent recognition accuracy, especially with diverse languages, affecting the overall reliability of the tool in producing high


Rask is an advanced tool that enhances global reach with automated video translation, supporting over 130 languages to facilitate seamless communication and content expansion. Its AI-driven feature transforms lengthy videos into viral shorts within seconds, perfect for creating engaging social media content effortlessly. For businesses and educators handling large volumes of multimedia, the Rask API enables scalable localization, translating extensive content efficiently and accurately. While offering significant advantages like time-saving and expanded global engagement, potential drawbacks include the risk of losing cultural nuances in translations and the complexity of API integration for non-technical users.

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