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Instantly create a professional website with AI.

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Top Features

Instant Website Creation

Zarla’s AI website builder creates a professional website in mere seconds. This rapid development feature saves users extensive time compared to traditional builders, which often take hours, days, or even weeks.

Automated Content Generation

The AI not only designs the website but also writes all the text and selects appropriate images, eliminating the need for users to be their own writers and designers. This automation ensures cohesive, professional content without the user needing specialized skills.

SEO Optimization

From the outset, Zarla’s websites are optimized for search engines. This enhances visibility and improves the likelihood of the website appearing in search results, especially when paired with a physical business address and a Google Business Profile, aiding local search results and mapping.


Pros & Cons


Get a professional website that builds itself in seconds ❤️ Try Zarla's AI website builder for free and launch your website today!
Our AI writes all your text, finds the perfect images, and designs a completely finished website for you in under a minute.
Other website builders take hours of your time (if not days or weeks!) and require you to be your own writer, designer, and troubleshooter.
With Zarla, anyone can have a beautiful, finished website - period.
Your website will be optimized for SEO right from the start.


It can take up to a few weeks for Google to add your website to its search results.
The tool may limit personalized customization due to its automated nature.
Reliability on AI for writing and design might not meet specific creative expectations.
Need to use a physical business address for better SEO and local search results.
Potential for generic or non-unique content due to AI-generated material.


Zarla allows users to instantly create a professional website using AI technology. Its top features include instant website creation, automated content generation, and built-in SEO optimization. The AI designs and writes content for you, making website building quick and effortless, saving significant amounts of time and ensuring professional results. While the pros highlight the time-saving and ease-of-use benefits, potential cons include limited customization, dependence on AI for creativity, and the need for a physical business address to enhance local SEO effectiveness.

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