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Enhanced LLM model for safe text.

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Top Features

Expanded Context Capability

Stheno 8B 32K offers an expanded context capability from 8K to 32K tokens, a significant increase that allows for more comprehensive and nuanced interactions. This feature enhances user engagement by enabling longer and more complex conversations without losing context, catering especially to applications in creative writing and roleplaying where maintaining thread continuity is crucial.

Advanced Safety Mechanisms

Incorporating LlamaGuard 2, the model not only generates responses but also classifies them as safe or unsafe. If deemed unsafe, it details the specific content categories violated. This dual functionality sets the model apart by providing an additional layer of security, making it highly appealing for applications requiring stringent content moderation. Users can rely on this innovative feature to ensure the generated text adheres to safety guidelines.

Enhanced Data Quality

The model benefits from improved training datasets, featuring twice the amount of creative writing samples and cleaned-up roleplaying samples while reducing low-quality content. This results in higher-quality outputs, making it more reliable and effective for creative writing and roleplaying tasks. The customization in training enhances users' experience by delivering more relevant and engaging interactions.


Pros & Cons


The Stheno 8B 32K model, being a creative writing/roleplay tool from Sao10k, offers significant improvements through its expanded 32K context, meeting the needs of users requiring extensive context management for storytelling. The model excels in prompt and response classification with LlamaGuard 2, ensuring safety and appropriate content generation, addressing user concerns about content quality and appropriateness. Additionally, its 8B parameters based on the Llama 3 family provide robust performance, demonstrated as superior in human evaluations, enhancing user trust and satisfaction. Furthermore, cleaned-up and doubled creative writing samples ensure high-quality and diverse content output.


Despite its strengths, the Stheno 8B 32K model has some limitations. Users might find the requirement to use raw prompt input or the /completions endpoint inconvenient, especially if accustomed to the simplicity of chat APIs, potentially impacting accessibility and ease of use. Moreover, adherence to Meta's Acceptable Use Policy may restrict creative freedom and adaptability for some users, causing dissatisfaction among those seeking more latitude in content creation. Finally, as a safeguard model, its stringent classification of unsafe content might limit the generation of edgy or unconventional narratives, which could be a drawback for certain roleplaying scenarios.


OpenRouter's Stheno 8B 32K model is an advanced LLM tool designed to enhance safe and engaging text generation, featuring a substantial 32K token context capability for maintaining intricate conversations. With its innovative LlamaGuard 2 mechanism, it not only generates but also classifies response safety, offering detailed violation reports. This, combined with a doubled creative writing dataset and reduced low-quality content, ensures high-quality, relevant outputs ideal for creative writing and roleplaying. While the tool excels in context management and safety, its raw prompt input requirement and adherence to Meta's Acceptable Use Policy may limit accessibility and creative freedom for some users.

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